Attentive to future and encouraging change, the Movimento Pulsar was born to our conviction that sharing relevant information from our daily work is a healthy and productive way to add knowledge to our market community.

We hope that the Movimento Pulsar works as a stimulus for everyone to seek more information, challenges and evolution, as we believe to share knowledge is the same as spreading development.

The purpose of Fabrica Ventures Fund is to make venture capital investments in leading Later-Stage private US companies, tech and B2B preferably. Located in Palo Alto, Fabrica Ventures has already invested in more than a dozen companies, including para Palantir, 23andMe, Carta, Next Insurance, Flexport, Tanium, Rubrik, Udacity, Automattic and Tradeshift.

The Passos Mágicos Association shares reasoning that best way to transform the world around us is to invest in the education of our children. Located in Embu-Guaçu, the institution has a 28-year history, working daily to transform the lives of needy children and teens, transforming the future of their lives and their families forever.

The IT Mídia is one of the largest communication companies aimed at businesses in the Information Technology sector which has the mission to generate content, relationships and business for the IT community. Moreoverit, it’s one of the sponsoring companies of the Brasil Digital Movement, which helps to prepare society for the professions of the future in a humanized way.

A Kaxtek assessora investidores institucionais (principalmente assets e family offices), empresas e startups a tomarem as melhores decisões a partir dos grandes desafios estratégicos que surgem, com insights rápidos e práticos. Os principais assuntos discutidos são investimentos em tecnologia e inovação, research de mercados emergentes – principalmente China e Sudeste Ásiatico, e estratégias de market entry.

The Mondo Strategies is a strategy and process consulting firm that believes that for a productive and exciting environment in a company requires simpler and faster processes, reduced risks, managed results, reduced losses in services, a more competitive solutions portfolio, and increased sales. With this reasoning, has helped over 100 software companies around the world.